The Story of the Creativ in New York City/Stefan Berger

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The Story of the Creativ/ Internationell utställning i New York City

Jag deltar  utställningen   The Story of the Creative  en utställning som öppnar idag  18.00 på  Angel Orensanz Foundation of Contemporary Art Gallery i New York City  och kommer att visas sju veckor framåt tom 10 september. Utställningen är digital och omfattar konstnärer från 103 länder och är en del av nätverket See Me.

I participate in the  exhibition The Story of the Creative  opening today at 18:00  in Angel Orensanz Foundation of Contemporary Art Gallery in New York City and will be shown seven weeks ahead until September 10. The exhibition is digital and includes artists from 103 countries and is part of the network See Me.

Angel Orensanz Foundation of Contemporary Art

172 Norfolk ST

New York, NY

Nyheter /News on The Drawing Project på Frost Art Museum

The Drawing Project: July Online Residency

The Frost Art Museum is extremely excited to announce the July collaborative residency with international artists working in the UK, Greig Burgoyne and Yumino Seki. Both artists are invested in the field of Drawing Research, and ‘drawer’ Burgoyne will work with, alongside, and in opposition to, performance artist Seki, as they question and explore the definitions of line, space, place and ‘drawing.’ In doing so, they question the neutrality of space, as they seek to cultivate ‘other spaces’: alternative mental spaces that expand the arena between private and public, and seek to reconcile thinking and space. The artists will be posting ‘video sketches,’ conversations, and the ‘leftovers’ from their investigations in the relationship of place, space, and drawing. Please check back throughout this month to see what their interventions reveal at: Drawing Project