The Drawing Project/Frost Art Museum

The Drawing Project/Frost Art Museum

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Medverkande i projektet/ In the Project:

: Trecey Emin, Sinat Neshat, David Hockney, Ad Reinhardt, John Copland, Alberto Donat, Alexander Calder, Ampero Sard, Ana Albertina, Andre Leon Gray, Andrea Kantrowitz, Andy Warhol, Benoit Felix, Carlos Causo, Conor McGrady, Crytal Pearl, David Rohn, Eadweard Muybridge, Eduardo Corte-Real, ElizabethPeyton, Eva Rubenstein, Felice Grodin, Guadalupe Figuras, Hannah Leighton-Boyce, Helen Scalway, Idda Appelbroog, N.Jay Jaffee, Jean Cocteau, Jen Stark, Jenny Brillhart, Jenny Wright, Joe Jachna, John Adams, Jorge Pentoja, Julie Brixey-Williams, Karen Rifas, Kattheryn Marks, Kevin Arow, Kuhl & Leyton, Lee Bontecou, Lenka Clayton, Lynne Langton, Martyn Blundell, Mary Beth Edelson, May Kendel, Michael Namkung, Moria Holohan, Nam juin Paik, Nacy Spero, Patty Hudak, Peggy Prehaim, Petah Coyne, Raul Perdomo, Regina Jestrow, Robert Colscott, Robert Huff, Robert Rauschenberg, Sara Sites, Sharon Hovarth, Shosanna Weinberger, Su En Wong, Stefan Berger, Venatius J Pinto, Vilja Celmins, Vjeko Sager.

a roundtable discussion on art / Evenmang på Frost Art Museum idag

The Drawing Project, a roundtable discussion on art, Frost Art Museum 9 May 2013

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Please join us for The Drawing Project’s ( final launch program: Boundless Reach, a roundtable discussion on art, documentation, the on-line experience, and the validity of on-line exhibition.

The roundtable will be a casual conversation hosted by Emmy Mathis, project creator, and Sarah Michelle Rupert, project collaborator, that touches on the practical, personal, and philosophical aspects of the on-line art experience.

The Drawing Project at the Frost Art Museum is a collaborative investigation curated by artist/educator and FIU graduate Emmy Mathis. The on-line exhibition/project space consists of an on-line exhibition where pieces from the Frost’s permanent collection, many of which have never been exhibited in the museum, are displayed along with international work culled by the Drawing Research Network, work by local Miami artists, and a special curatorial section of work from contemporary women artists from the Girls’ Club Collection. Artists include internationally renowned artists such as Jean Cocteau, Shirin Neshat and Robert Rauschenberg, as well as practitioners in the academic field of drawing such as Andrea Kantrowitz and John Adams, and local artists including Jenny Brillhart and Kevin Arrow. The website also hosts a project space that is open for proposals and an on-line residency whose first artist will be Jenny Brillhart for the months of April & May.

Extending beyond the screen, The Drawing Project continues into the tangible world in the form of public programs including a series of webisodes, talks, panel discussions and events, inviting the public to experience the project in a multitude of forms and make their own decisions regarding what defines line and what spaces it can it occupy.